How to Balance Chakras – A Personal Experience

All Chakra imbalance is as a result of lack of love in some form

In this article writer Tony Cuckson shares with you a personal experience in learning how to balance chakras.  These are practices that bring about a deeper sense of personal integrity within the lower triad of chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus)  and invite alignment with the heart chakra.  This article will include reference to such chakra balancing techniques as:-

  • Dreamwork.
  • Goal setting.
  • Nidra Yoga.

There are many articles on the internet on How to Balance Chakras.  Many of these share with you chakra balancing techniques but not many, in my reading of these articles, takes you through what chakra balancing feels like from a personal experience.  Not many share with you how such chakra balancing practices actually create balance and within your 7 chakra energy system.  A major part of this article will also focus on the issue of love and trust and how important that is in learning how to balance chakras.

How to Balance Chakras – Follow your Dreams

I feel at this point in my life (August 2013) that I am in a period of transition.  My dreams are changing as I set goals (personal power chakra dynamic) and focus on achieving them.  When I say that my dreams are changing I mean that the dreams I have during the night are changing.  Here is an outline of a dream that I had last night.

I am walking with a beautiful woman.  She takes my hand and I snuggle into her and rest my head on her upper arm.  She asks if it is OK for us to be this close.  I affirm it is by snuggling more closely.

This is not the kind of dream I am used to having.  Usually I am dreaming that I am driving some kind of vehicle that is out of control.  Sometimes this vehicle is careering downhill.  Sometimes it is going in reverse and I cannot get it to go forward.  If this isn’t my dream dynamic then in another frequent dream dynamic I am constantly fighting with my father.  Sometimes this gets fairly violent as he attempts to throw me out of our house.  As regards women in my dreams I more often than not spend my time feeling apart and lonely.

This contrasts greatly with my outer life.

This dream about the beautiful woman is about my relationship to trust and specifically to my ability to trust the divine feminine.  I also think this dream could be related to the way in which the collective consciousness of humanity is moving toward a deeper connection to the divine feminine.  This beautiful woman takes my hand and walks with me.  I am walking with beauty.  This is the way in which my unconscious mind is beginning to share with me what are the coming attractions in my life.

Keeping a record of your dreams and doing dreamwork on a regular basis is one technique that is recommended in learning how to balance chakras.  This  practice is related to the balance of the sacral chakra (2nd chakra) but as you will see begins to integrate with other practices.

How to Balance Chakras – Set Goals

I am presently focused on working with the 3rd chakra which is the chakra related to your sense of personal power.  It is referred by some people as the personal power chakra.  This chakra is connected to the power of intention and the use of the personal will.  As I work with this personal power chakra I can feel physical sensations within the area of the solar plexus. It is as if I am releasing tension held there as a result of childhood trauma.

This opening up of the personal power centre (3rd chakra dynamic) has been facilitated by the practice of goal setting.  This is a practice that I now engage with daily with quite encouraging results.

In the often-quoted study undertaken by Harvard University in 1979, graduates were asked if they had written goals with action plans for their achievement.

• 3% had clearly defined written goals.
• 13% had unwritten goals.
• 84% had no goals in any shape or form.

The 1989 follow-up study of those same Harvard students revealed that over a 10-year period the 3 per cent who had written personal goals were 10 times more successful than the
other 97% who had

Whatever your background, education, or level of ability, the power of personal goal setting is clear.  As the Harvard study proved, the ability to set goals and to make plans for their accomplishment is the “Master Skill” of success. With this single skill, you gain an achievement advantage that’s unrivalled. By simply having clear written goals, and focusing on them every day, you’ll run circles around a genius who is unsure and uncertain about what he or she really

How to Balance Chakras – Discover Deep Relaxation

Each day I practice Yoga Nidra.  This is a practice of deep bodily relaxation which invites the practice of trusting the inner wisdom of the body (root chakra dynamic).  The practice of Yoga Nidra invites you to enter a deep feminine state of allowing.  It is a practice focused on trusting the still voice within.  It is a practice that works on many levels but it is really an invitation in practicing self love.

In yoga nidra, we discover a profound level of openness.  Our self-imposed limitations dissolve, and we are pure being. – Anne Douglas

Finding your true heart’s desire is supported by what is called Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra is the meditative Heart of Yoga.  While the word nidra means “sleep” it is a practice that invites you to awaken to the awareness of your true nature and your true Self.  This is specially beneficial for those who feel sleep deprived which is a large proportion of the population.  Yoga Nidra invites the awakening from the Giant Sleep of the sense of separateness that each of us feel we are and brings up to an awareness of pure being. – Tony Cuckson.