Heart Chakra Symbol – Why YOU Matter

Heart Chakra – Period of Transition

The heart chakra symbol is a star.  In this 7 chakra system outline writer Tony Cuckson shares with you this heart chakra symbol meaning.  In this sharing he invites you to become the radiant star of your one wild and precious life. In sharing this series of articles related to the 7 chakra system of personal and spiritual development chakra by chakra I begin with the heart charka.  This is the chakra of transformation.  It is central to the body and is symbolically placed between Heaven and earth. Heart Chakra – Period of Transition We are in a period of transition as a species and there are many people presently making the shift between the focus on the rational mind to a focus on vision/logic. Rational consciousness, the second of the mental levels, is the dominant consciousness of the present age and is the level of consciousness more or […]